Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who would've thought...

that I would be 32 years and trying to decide what is worse to deal with...my gray hair that I now need to get colored every 7 weeks or I can barely step out of my house...or the complexion woes I'm dealing with at my age.

I seem to have the gray hair under control thanks to my wonderful, words cannot express how much I appreciate you, hairstylist....the adult onset acne...c'mon..gimme a break. I dealt with this crap around the same time I had a mouth full of metal braces and thought it was behind me...but I guess I was wrong.

The past couple weeks I have used any product that will promise me anything on this face o mine. Finally, I found something that showed some improvement. On the advice of someone I bought Pro-Activ Refining Mask. Yes, I saw the commercials with Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, and other celebs claiming it saved their lives. I believed them and used the Pro-Activ system 4 or 5 years ago. It dried out my skin terribly and all my hand towels and pillow cases had giant discolorations on them. But, I had a holiday gala dinner on Saturday night and I was desperate last week. I skipped over their 3 step system that caused me woes in the past and on the advice of a friend, I bought the mask and just covered up the imperfections on my face with some before I went to bed. Was I pretty...nope. Did Mr. Allan probably want to crawl in a hole when he saw me..yup! But, it helped.

I found the mask at a little kiosk in my local mall. It's not cheap. I think I paid around $22...but it was worth every penny! The only somewhat small side effect..it tends to dry your skin out a little bit..but it worked so much better than the Neutrogena Fix and Fade topical treatment and Clean and Clear Rx strength treatment.

Here's my solution and I hope no one is dealing with what I've dealt with on my face these past couple weeks!

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