Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swap this

Cookie swaps seem to be the new trend for the holiday season. I used to take a day out of work, wake up, sip my coffee, throw on an apron and bake like a maniac for 5-6 hours making 6-7 different Christmas cookie recipes. I'd let them cool all spread out on the dining room table as I admired the bounty of sweets I just produced. Then, I'd throw them in tins, make a huge impressive platter for the holidays and share them with everyone. Sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this year I don't have that kind of time of my hands. I feel flat out busy with work (unfortunately crime is up since it's the holidays...hey, tis the season!) and stuff going on at home, I have no baking marathon day planned.

So, when my sister threw out the idea of a cookie swap, I jumped at the chance. Sometimes I don't like cookie swaps. I put alot of effort into picking a somewhat unique cookie, take the time to buy quality ingredients and produce a good product. If you get someone who's a little half get stuck with 6 of your cookies, and then weird crumbly over baked disasters you don't want to give as a gift or put your name while they sometimes seem like a good idea, be sure you're swapping with those that will carry their weight and make a decent cookie!

Luck for me..we had people who delivered!

Here's the apps and picky food on display...notice my sun dried tomato elephant ears :)

I made Rolo cookies...and in some of then I experimented with a mint Hershey kiss vs. the rolo filling...I think I secretly liked the rolo filling better...for the Rolo cookie recipe go here

Here was my contribution to the swap
My sister's Mexican tea cookies waiting for the oven. For this recipe from Whole Foods, go here

My sister, Heather, has a gorgeous kitchen and a Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer that I think I need. Here was a snapshot of our workspace..not too shabby

Some Chocolate Chip cookies fresh out of the oven
Mexican Tea Cookies getting their powdered sugar bath

Our cookies neatly lined up waiting to be swapped. We're very organized Tye A personality women in my family

This is me striking my Martha pose. Eat that Martha!

All the ladies baking up a storm

Not only did we swap cookies, but we also celebrated my Mom's birthday, which is this weekend!

My mom enjoying her birthday present, her new Kindle. Yeah for having a mom who embraces technology!

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