Friday, November 2, 2012

The Countdown is on....

T - 7 days until Baby Allan's due date. It's been a crazy last few months. I've been doing well and, health wise, I've been pretty much sailing through this pregnancy. I like to think that staying active, exercising, and eating right helped me along with that. I tried hard to not indulge too much since gaining weight during this time was inevitable! I tried to keep up with my lifestyle pre-pregnancy as best as I could. But, come 35-36 weeks, I definitely felt myself slow down. Couple that with some major house renovations, and I've been one tired momma to be these past two weeks!

Our renovations are done. We're sporting a beautiful, new (big too!) bathroom and new hardwood floors throughout our house. Last weekend was operation put the furniture back in the house! We were also finally able to start a nursery and unpack all the wonderful shower gifts we received. While we still have a to-do list that's pretty long, hopefully we can tackle it this weekend since Hurricane Sandy left us without power and water for most of this week...putting quite the wrinkle in our plans to tie up loose ends! So, hopefully this little lady stays put for a few more days!

Here's my 39 week bump in our new bathroom this morning...feeling a little tired since this little lady is quite an active baby and prevents me from sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time! hopefully they'll be nursery pictures to share before she makes her grand appearance!