I'm a 30 something year old gal from Rhode Island. 
This is me aka Mrs. Allan

I went to college, moved back to Lil Rhody, went to law school and met a handsome guy

After 9 years, a house, 3 cats....he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

Here's a little slideshow of our engagement pictures by our fabulous photographer Melissa Robotti

Becoming Mrs. Allan is a blog about the adventures of trying to balance life as a newlywed, a legal career, and keeping up with things in the kitchen.

This is me and the infamous Mr. Allan
Here's another..I'm a show off because I was proud that my arms were in great shape and I had minimal back fat in my strapless dress..and I love this picture because Mr. Allan looks smitten with his new wife

Here's a little wedding slideshow of the day...since it made me Mrs. Allan

I try to post recipes and tips on keeping it healthy since I lost over 50lbs and have successfully kept the weight off for 5 years.

This is fat pre Mrs. Allan and thinner now Mrs. Allan..sorry for the bathing suit shot but its from my old school weight watchers website and the only good comparison shot I had!

While keeping it healthy, I also need to keep the husband happy as well!

That's one happy looking Mr. Allan..I'm not sure if it's because he's got a full martini or his lovely wife on his arm!

The rest of the blog is composed of my trials and tribulations of keeping up with a home, a husband and the three kids or cats as some people call them too!