Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Flood pictures

When I heard that RI Courts were closed today, I thought..hmmm an unexpected day off. I've felt a little trapped in the house. Alot of roads nearby are flooded, businesses are closed..hey, even the dry cleaners was closed. So, it didn't seem worth it to risk heading out and try to run errands just to find most places closed. The pictures of gridlock on the 12 o'clock news didn't make it any more desireable either. The highways are gridlocked with reports from drivers that they've been stuck for hours and hours.

Here are some additional pictures...crazy!

This is Interstate 95. The Pawtuxet River is running right over it.

The Warwick Mall...a spot I know well...under water

Another shot of the mall

Here's a You TubeVideo

Still Under Water

It's raining men...well, not really, but it rained everything else in RI! This storm has been unbelievable! The rain has stopped and I'm at home...because only "essential" state employees are reporting and all state offices are no, I'm not offended that I'm not considered essential.

The Governor closed state offices because Interstate 95 is now closed going both North and South. So, even if I were to report to work...I couldn't have made it if I tried!

We've been lucky. So many people are flooded out, with water filling their homes. Our home is set up on top of a hill..probably one of the biggest in RI. Unfortunately, our neighbors on either side are flooded out. There is a full on river running behind our home, and the neighbors are set back further than us.

So, while our house is dry, our pool is another story. We went to bed with our pool cover brimming with water. We woke up and the pool is completely empty. We're assuming the pool couldn't take the pressure of all the rain and the liner ripped, letting loose all the water. Annoying, yes. A hassle, you betcha. But, I'd rather have a busted pool then a wet house.

Here are some pictures from this historic flooding that has hit the Northeast, and especially Rhode Island.

For those of you who know RI, this is the intersection near Warwick Mall

Some homes in Cranston, RI

Some cars having obvious difficulty

Sections of Cranston

This is a section of Route 102 in Exeter near the Exeter Country Club where the road washed away

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great RI Flood of 2010

It started raining Sunday night..and it hasn't stopped yet. I think this is the most rain I've seen in my 31 years. It doesn't help that RI was drowned with pouring rain last week. Rivers flooded, and some areas were declared a state of emergency, but that was nothing compared to this week.
Most roads weren't passable near our home

Here's a picture of our neighbor's house...the water in the street has gotten worse--to the point where people are turning around in our drive way and not passing through

Here's where I'm knocking on wood. There's a lake across the street, the neighbors on either side have called to let us know that their basements are flooded and we should check ours, and here's our water yet! And..I'm thanking God up above we're not like the peeps across the street!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How it all began.......

When all my friends immediately started to settle down in college and right after graduation, there came a time when I thought, this long term relationship stuff just isn't for me. I graduated and moved back to my home state of Rhode Island. I started law school and who knew that I had met my future husband.

I wish I had some cool story of how it was love at first site, he swept me off my feet and we knew it was "IT" right away. tell you the truth, I was the wild let's go out every night college gal and he was a young professional and it was off and on in the beginning.

Once law school came to an end, I graduated, took bar exams, and things became more serious. I was employed at my first job, then moved to my current job and before I knew moved right in with him to our beloved apartment in downtown Newport.

That's where the future kind of all began....we made so many great friends for the 5-6 years we spend in that apartment. We walked to many downtown bars, attended many a St. Patty Day Parades, and Halloween become our official favorite holiday.

Here are some pics pulled our from our trip down memory lane......

This is Bill and I in our early years at my Barrister's Ball....scary yet suave at the same time!

The annual hiking trip to Tuckerman's favorite part...the rest stop with the NH Liquor Store!

The Newport Storm Pub Crawl pre party @ Gary and Nic's old house...who knew Bill would make such a sexy Colonel Sanders

One of many parade days down in Newport...we've yet to miss one..rain or shine!

Our Martha's Vineyard annual'd have to go to understand this picture and our colorful togas

Crusing the high seas...Bill in his dreaded parrot shirt...I LOATHE this shirt. It's typically saved for smoking a cigar in Martha's Vineyard on Hawaiian shirt night..but it made a guest appearance on our cruise.

A more recent picture...Bill's gone from beer to Bombay Sapphire martinis since I've known him and I've gone from overly highlighted blond to my newer brunette locks!

Here's the place it kind of sort of all began...our beloved Vaughan Ave apartment. It wasn't this yellow when we lived here but we couldn't help making a stop by on our engagement pic shoot last summer....ahh the memories.

All in all, it's been one heck of a ride. It boggles my mind to think that I was a mere 21 years old, starting a new chapter of my life called adulthood when I met Bill. Who knew it would end like this! With me, becoming Mrs. Allan.

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome! I'm glad you were able to find yourself over here to my new blog! I've been blogging on and off at Holly's Cookies ( for the last year, but I've baked myself silly and have taken a break from cookie orders to settle into married life!

So...hopefully my trials and tribulations as a lawyer and wife will entertain you and keep you coming back for more!


The New Mrs. Allan!