Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great RI Flood of 2010

It started raining Sunday night..and it hasn't stopped yet. I think this is the most rain I've seen in my 31 years. It doesn't help that RI was drowned with pouring rain last week. Rivers flooded, and some areas were declared a state of emergency, but that was nothing compared to this week.
Most roads weren't passable near our home

Here's a picture of our neighbor's house...the water in the street has gotten worse--to the point where people are turning around in our drive way and not passing through

Here's where I'm knocking on wood. There's a lake across the street, the neighbors on either side have called to let us know that their basements are flooded and we should check ours, and here's our house....no water yet! And..I'm thanking God up above we're not like the peeps across the street!

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