Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Under Water

It's raining men...well, not really, but it rained everything else in RI! This storm has been unbelievable! The rain has stopped and I'm at home...because only "essential" state employees are reporting and all state offices are no, I'm not offended that I'm not considered essential.

The Governor closed state offices because Interstate 95 is now closed going both North and South. So, even if I were to report to work...I couldn't have made it if I tried!

We've been lucky. So many people are flooded out, with water filling their homes. Our home is set up on top of a hill..probably one of the biggest in RI. Unfortunately, our neighbors on either side are flooded out. There is a full on river running behind our home, and the neighbors are set back further than us.

So, while our house is dry, our pool is another story. We went to bed with our pool cover brimming with water. We woke up and the pool is completely empty. We're assuming the pool couldn't take the pressure of all the rain and the liner ripped, letting loose all the water. Annoying, yes. A hassle, you betcha. But, I'd rather have a busted pool then a wet house.

Here are some pictures from this historic flooding that has hit the Northeast, and especially Rhode Island.

For those of you who know RI, this is the intersection near Warwick Mall

Some homes in Cranston, RI

Some cars having obvious difficulty

Sections of Cranston

This is a section of Route 102 in Exeter near the Exeter Country Club where the road washed away

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