Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Flood pictures

When I heard that RI Courts were closed today, I thought..hmmm an unexpected day off. I've felt a little trapped in the house. Alot of roads nearby are flooded, businesses are closed..hey, even the dry cleaners was closed. So, it didn't seem worth it to risk heading out and try to run errands just to find most places closed. The pictures of gridlock on the 12 o'clock news didn't make it any more desireable either. The highways are gridlocked with reports from drivers that they've been stuck for hours and hours.

Here are some additional pictures...crazy!

This is Interstate 95. The Pawtuxet River is running right over it.

The Warwick Mall...a spot I know well...under water

Another shot of the mall

Here's a You TubeVideo

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