Friday, April 2, 2010

The Last of the Great Flood of 2010

It's caused such a stir in little ole Rhode Island this week. President Obama has declared 4 of the 5 counties in RI a disaster area. We're fortunate. Our home survived with only a puddle in the garage. As I drove to work both yesterday and today, you can easily tell who was hit hard by the piles of rugs, and soaked belongings at the end of driveways.

While our house survived...the pool, on the other hand, did not. We went to bed on Tuesday night. It was pouring out. The pool was brimming with water. We figured if there was too much water on the cover, it would simply spill over the sides. On Wednesday morning, I woke up early to get ready, preparing for a bad commute. When I got out of the shower, I peeked outside and did a triple take. The cover of the pool was sucked down in the middle and no water was in the pool.

Once we dried out, on Thursday we went to assess the damage. We pulled back the cover to find a giant sink hole in the middle of the pool. The ground is still soft to the touch underneath the dents in the ground and these sink holes literally sucked all the water out of the pool and sucked the liner into the ground.

Here's a picture of Mr. Allan by the sink holes.

So, while this spring was supposed to be all about replacing the roof, fixing the central air and getting the house in unexpected pool repair may be in the works as well. Boo Hoo Mother Nature :(

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