Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Short Trip Down Memory Lane

Last year at this time we were furiously saving and planning a wedding. I'm glad to be past it, although it was an amazing, life changing, day I'll never forget, when you think about it, sometimes it seems awfully silly that you put that much time and effort into planning one day. I do, however, think we were very realistic and great at keeping it real and telling ourselves, it's one day.

I'm part of a great message board compiled of all ladies who were married around the time that I was. We were posting about our engagement pictures and sharing them with each other. Our photographer, Melissa Robotti, Melissa's awesome website, took our engagement pictures last summer. Here are a couple of our favorites below.

Just a funny story about our engagement pictures. They were orginally scheduled for a couple weeks before we actually took them. But, weather didn't cooperate and we rescheduled them. Mr. Allan thought they were at 6pm when they were really at noon. We were so frazzled and upset at one another. I drove like an absolute maniac because we were running late and I HATE being late for anything! So, Melissa worked absolute miracles since we look like we like each other in our pictures.

This was taken outside the timeshare condos on Wellington Ave. Mr. Allan and I lived a few blocks from here

This is the gazebo at King's Park on Wellington Ave. Mr. Allan and I run alot to keep in shape. Our daily run routes differed a bit, mostly because Mr. Allan can run alot further than me. Our routes used to meet up by King's Park. Well, Mr. Allan used to pass me along this stretch and meet me at home, I should say.

Sitting on the gazebo steps.

Walking at King's Park. One of the many things I love about Mr. Allan is that he's always got an arm around me, holding my hand, or touching my shoulder. I usually reign him in like this for a smooch. It's funny, but we had so many wedding pictures with my arm twist bringing him in pose

During our engagement shoot, we retraced our steps the night we got engaged. Mr. Allan brought me to places that had special meaning to us all over Newport. This was a stop on Thames St. for a photo op

Nothing says Rhode Island or Newport like a nice cold Del's on Ocean Drive

I think Melissa told Mr. Allan to say something funny...I think it worked

We then headed down to Gooseberry Beach. I love this picture. It is a great picture, but I work out alot. My butt is at step aerobics, kickboxing, or running at least 3-4 times a week. I felt like Melissa captured my hard worked calves in this picture. Thanks Melissa!

The concession stand at Gooseberry Beach!

I could have posted all 80 or so pictures that Melissa captured. She was our #1 best decision when it came to planning our day. I love to look back at all the pictures. I love how they're artistic and different, not just smiling at the camera and saying "CHEESE" types.

Melissa also featured us on her blog...woo hoo...we made the blog

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