Monday, April 12, 2010

On days when you're just not feeling perky

Now that I'm newly in my 30's, having a couple drinks or maybe staying up too late is taking its toll on me. I can remember back to some UMASS days where we'd start at 6pm and end around 3am and I'd bounce awake in the morning, shower, and head to the GAP for an 8 hour shift.

ahhhh...the good old days. Now everyone that lived at 288 Puffton is now married, some with kiddos, and most, not hanging until 3am anymore.

One little secret weapon I've grown to adore is Origin's No Puffery. This is a miracle gel. When you go out on a Friday night, have one too many drinks or are convinced to take a couple shots and you wake up the next day feeling like H-E- double hockey sticks, this stuff works wonders. If I wake up looking sunk in, or with puffy dreary I'm really 31 now looking eyes, I rub this cooling gel on and it helps start the day not feeling like crap

It won't cure your hangover--for that I rely on a fountain soda from Wendy's and a single with no mayo or cheese, but this stuff will make you look way better than you feel!

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