Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those Crazy Cats....

Mr. Allan travels a lot. I typically find myself alone for a week about once a month.

When Mr. Allan travels, not only do I get a little bit sad, but our three cats do as well. The first day, they typically act normal. The second day, they're all over me and become clingy. By the third day, they're going nuts. They run around the house like chickens with their heads cut off, scratching at doors, thinking I'm hiding Mr. Allan in a closet somewhere. The fourth, fifth, and so on days, they ignore me in protest for Mr. Allan being gone. Mr. Allan typically comes home to a fanfare from the cats, rubbing up against his legs, purring, showing him how happy they are that he's home.

For example, this morning the cats decided to gallop around the house chasing each other and practically shrieking. I've never heard such a high pitched meow come out of our male cat. He typically doesn't make alot of noise at all. He seemed to enjoy the sound of his meow and kept going in the hallway and living room to hear it echo even louder. Oh yeah, all this at 5:10 AM.

I do realize that I sound like a crazy cat lady. As a co-worker told me, it's not normal when the number of cats outnumber the humans in your house. The child-less peeps will know what I'm talking about. When you don't have kids, your pets are your kids. So crazy as I may sound, these cats are the cutest kiddos we have right now!

In protest of her dad leaving, our little Tortie cat, Reese, slept on his suitcase hoping he wouldn't leave.

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