Monday, April 19, 2010

Mrs. Allan hikes too.

While we lived in Newport, we were part of a pretty fabulous network of friends. Everyone knew an engineer and there was always something going on or something to do. There was also always a trip here or there being planned. One annual trip that we've done about 6 times now is the April New Hampshire hike to Tuckerman's Ravine.

Last year we bailed. I used the sick lame excuse that we were busy with wedding stuff...shame on me since we were getting married months later. But, we made our way back there this year. We left Rhode Island around noon on Friday and leisurely drove up to North Conway. One favorite stop---the second rest stop once you cross the NH border...where there's a state liquor store...we stocked up on around $175 worth of wine, Bombay Sapphire (Mr. Allan's favorite) and Maker's Mark...for when Mr. Allan is feeling like a classy S.O.B. :)

Friday night we did the usual dinner at the Red Parka Inn where you dine and look at millions of license plates adorning the wall. The weather wasn't really cooperating. We woke up early to see about 4 inches of snow on the ground. Mr. Allan went with the boys and hiked up to Tuckerman's Ravine. I stayed back, since I've done the hike a bunch of times and didn't have waterproof pants. I opted to go on a smaller hike with some of the families.

We hiked up to Aerthusa Falls. It was about a 3 miles round hike. But, even better, I got to do it with 2 amazing ladies!

Here's what we saw at the top of the hike. The hike was amazing with fresh snow falling. Although, it did become a bit bothersome when the tree branches became heavy with snow and a big plop fell on your head. The falls look small in this lovely Blackberry phone picture, but they were quite impressive and alot bigger in person.

Here are my partners in crime, Meg and Diana. Meg (in the back) gets some props for not having been hiking recently and for completing the hike in boots a tiny bit too small. Diana gets mad props. Diana (in the front) is six months pregnant. Can we say trooper!!! This hike wasn't a stroll in the park. It was probably somewhat of a moderate hike, but we climbed almost the whole way.

We made it back to the condos, had a fun pot luck dinner. We took off early sunday morning to make a pitt stop at my sister's house in Beverly, MA for a visit. All in all, a successful trip with 54 of our closes friends!

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