Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things not to buy your lady.....

I'll probably get some hate mail..but here's my list of stuff you should not buy a lady this season

Sparkle Uggs...unless you're between the ages of 8-13, you're probably too old to pull off sparkly uggs

I'm just not into the whole Pandora bracelet thing. It kind of reminds me of a mom thing (no offense mom..yours looks great!). I'm a generation behind this trend right now

if it has to do with weight loss, losing weight, slimming inches, or looking skinnier...leave it to the lady to buy for herself...usually anything that drops a below...doesn't spell out Christmas cheer.

kitchen appliances usually aren't the way to go either...remember the scene from Father of the Bride when Annie gets a blender and calls off the engagement?? Unless, your lady is a gourmet cook....anything that sits on the counter and is functional should not be under the Christmas tree.

other misses....

Tickets to your favorite sports team event
a gift card to your favorite restaurant
or suggesting you should replace your PSP, big flat screen tv or other electronic toy that you primarily use
typically most of the crap on Oprah's favorite things aren't something the everday lady wants or uses....good luck finding that stuff anyway!

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