Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gifts for the impossible ladies in your life

or i should really title this, things I want and won't buy myself...some ideas...

for some reason I feel like I need these slippers. I feel too old for my tall Ugg boots and have worn them only once or twice this my new solution is to buy the slippers..and I promise I won't wear them out in public and try and pass them off as shoes

Fresh Products....I love these products. If the lady likes to indulge...anything from here is acceptable! Sephora sells the Fresh line. Two of my absolute favorite must haves

I LOVE this face scrub. It's a million times better and more luxurious than Kiehl's almond face scrub and Origin's Never a Dull Moment. I would literally die in the wintertime without this
My absolute favorite moisturizer..
If you ever suffer from dry cracked the kind where you can't even put lipstick or gloss on because you look like a flakey moron...this is the solution. The Fresh sugar lip treatment has little sugar crystals that exfoliate your lips and make them sooo soft..and not too shabby of a stocking stuffer!

I've also convinced myself that I may need a Kindle as well. If anyone's asked, I've told them gift cards..then i can have an internal war with myself debating and agonizing between Ugg slippers and A Kindle.

If the lady likes to work out.....I'm really loving the workout clothes from Athleta. I've had lots of luck with their yoga pants and tops. They are a little pricier, but they're built and made to last. I'd rather drop a couple extra bucks on a pair of their yoga pants, vs, having to replace my $20 Old Navy ones every other month    today there's a 20% off promo code of SNOWDAY

If you have a yoga-lady....splurge on the best yoga mat eva

I've been having a love affair with my Manduka yoga mat for the past couple months. It's my best friend on tuesdays and thursdays in power yoga class.

If your lady is into fashion..there's pretty much slim picking in Lil Rhody...but one giftcard you can never go wrong with.....

other things I wouldn't mind.....

I've been begging for a housekeeper for years...who the hell has time to clean a bathroom anyway?

Personal training sessions are always a favorite....
(although some ladies might be sensitive about gym/weightloss related stuff!)

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