Monday, December 20, 2010

A Day O Baking...

besides dragging Mr. Allan all over creation looking for the perfect tree and chopping it Day O Baking is my second favorite little tradition. In past years, I'd take a day off of work, wake up, pour my coffee, throw on an apron, pump up the Christmas tunes and bakes from dawn til dark.

This year I didn't quite have the luxury of the day off, and since a trip to Mexico is in my not so distant future, and when I bake Mr. Allan can't keep his mitts off the cookies, I was going to forgo the cookie baking extravaganza. But, we went to a Christmas party this past weekend. There was a towering plate of homemade Christmas cookies. They looked so nice..but they were terribly overbaked and really didn't taste well. I thought....they obviously baked these bad boys too long and they were hard crunchy messes...then I thought, I'm not even baking this year, who am I to insult someone else's cookies...then I thought, I could do better, why aren't I baking and sharing treats with everyone..and thus, the Day O Baking came back.

Here are some shots from the Day O Baking in the Allan household.....

who can't love a cookie with peanut butter and some kisses...

 then add a bit o butter

 I always have some frozen bananas on hand...I have a thing with bananas with spots on them..I just can't eat I throw them in the freezer, defrost them, and they're perfect for baking

Martha's Cookie cookbook in my recipe holder ready to go with my notes in the margin

cookie sheets loaded and ready for the oven

some finished favorite cookie I remember as a kiddo

Every spare inch of counter had a cookie sheet, potholder or cookbook out

 More cookies waiting in line for the oven

My kitchen island was cookie prep land

One of my favorite cookies, an espresso thumbprint, cool and wait to be filled with espresso goodness

The finished product...

Here's a shot of the brownie covered oreos...they're a hefty treat, fun to make, but decadent and requires a mandatory glass of milk

Here's the final product in my office this morning waiting for our workplace potluck...from the top, starting with the espresso thumbprints and going clockwise we have Espresso Thumbprints, Cranberry Orange Cookies with an orange icing, Gingerbread Blondies, Rolo Cookies, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, and PB Kisses

I gained weight just writing this post. Here are recipes for all the cookies shown!

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