Friday, December 10, 2010

Prompt 10

December 10 Prompt

Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? wise decisions might seem silly....but to each his own I guess!
I have three that come to mind
1) letting my hair grow out. I did the post wedding chop and tried to rock a chic angled bob. While I felt like I needed change and it did deliver, I missed my long hair and an angled bob my made face look long and weird. My hair is now a shaggy long layered look and I'm glad it's back. I feel more like myself when I look in the mirror.
2) Practicing Yoga. I'm a pretty athletic gal. I goto the gym, I work out, I watch what I eat and I take pride in my health and fitness regimen. Right after Christmas last year, I pulled 2 muscles in my neck and had a pretty painful strain. It sidelined me for two weeks. I tried to hop right back into my step aerobic, turbo kicking ways and just couldn't. On a whim I took a power yoga class. I had taken yoga before and always thought it was a giant snore. I would take a beginner class focused on breathing and stretching. I have hamstrings like a man, so the stretching never appealed to me. But, this power yoga class was different. I was constantly moving from pose to pose, using my own body weight as resistance. I've kept up with yoga all year long. It's a different workout. I might not be a red hot sweaty mess after every single class like I am with higher aerobic activities, but I feel like I'm really working my body. In early November, I even took a 5 hour yoga seminar. It's relaxed me a bit and for those who know me and my impatient ways, be thankful I'm still practicing!
3)Becoming more financially savvy. I owe this to Mr. Allan. It was a wise choice that was forced down my throat like a big ass horse pill, but nevertheless, the wisest choice of 2010. Our useless debt is almost gone and even with a little left to pay off I'm feeling this overwhelming sense of relief not having debt bearing down on me and not having to worry about finances, money, and how I'm paying for this or that anymore is the greatest release I could ever ask for.

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