Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 29 and 30 Prompts

I was doing so well with my reverb Prompts...time to play catch up yet again!

Prompt: Defining moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.
I'd have to say a defining moment in 2010 was definitely the death of my step dad. He's been a part of my life since I was 9 or 10 years old and passed away after an almost 2 year battle with cancer this past April. This became a defining moment for me because it really brought me closer to my mom and two sisters. We've always had a tight knit relationship but it created this unspoken I've really got your back no matter what relationship between the four of us. We're an incredible female foursome!

Prompt: Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What's the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year?
well, I am quite excited for that Mexican vacation this winter...but I think I really took a step back on my spending this year. I'd hate to admit, I have my moments when I am completely materialistic. I feel like I need the newest knee length leather riding boots, skinny jeans, and fake fur vest, or my pocketbook I'm carrying right now is so last year, or all my shoes are completely out of style. By buckling down with finances, it's amazing how much my life really wasn't affected by what I thought I needed to get through life. I also realized just how stupid it is to buy so much "stuff" when we have other bills and debts to pay off.

But, I digress....putting material things aside, the greatest gift I received this year was to remain in good health. Both Mr. Allan and I have had people close to us afflicted with different health problems and diseases and I'm thankful that I'm healthy and able to live my life however I choose each day and not restricted by being ill or incapable of doing something because I'm not healthy.

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