Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best husband ever

I'm very excited to get an email asking what Mr. Allan got me for Christmas....I'm beyond excited because we sooo need this!
Mr. Allan got me this...

and then some of this
and a little bit of this

Instead of swapping Ipads, Kindles, and Ugg slippers....we decided to forgo gifts and take a vacation. I'm BEYOND excited for this trip. It comes during the dead of winter and right before Mr. Allan's travel schedule will pick up a bit. We soooooo need this trip as the past year has been a bit of a tough one with some obstacles for us, ones I didn't think we'd have, but we're dealing with. So, there's nothing better than getting away with my husband at Secrets Resort on Maroma Beach. Wanna see more and get very jealous and demand that you need this vacation...go nuts!...

I was torn on where to go. Mr. Allan said pick a place. We've done the cruise thing and I wasn't a huge was nice but I was all set with being on a ship with that many people, fighting over chairs by the pool, some people obviously went just for that stupid midnight buffet. We like to explore, but researching fun places and planning side trips and activities became alot of work. I didn't know what was better Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica...or when to go. So, my co worker did some research to take his wife to a higher end all inclusive...I stole his research and he gave me 3 places to look at. I never thought I'd want to go to an all inclusive resort, but let me tell you, the idea of doing no work in planning this is slowly becoming one hell of a great idea on my part. it's time to get the Christmas candy out of my paws and get bikini ready in 8 weeks!

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