Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Wonderland..the calm before the storm

Here in Rhode Island, we're bracing for ANOTHER winter storm. I no longer trust my weather forecasters. As I primped myself this morning, they told me the snow will start after 5pm with the heaviest coming from 9pm to 5am. So, I thought to myself, totally straighten your's not like its going to be a big disaster with snow turning your top layer into a weird frizz ball when you walk back and forth to the courthouse. So, after 20 minute affair with my hairdryer, I left the house, yoga clothes for my 5:15pm class in tow since no heavy snow until I'm well into American Idol and sitting on my couch with my three snuggly cats.

So...I was quite surprised to hear a client tell me..Yo, it's snowing already lady. I looked out the courthouse window at 11a.m. to see a blizzard like scene...lovely!

After using an hour of vacation time after I paced the office going from window to window watching cars slide in the streets, I had one heck of a 90 minute white knuckled hands at 10 and 2 drive home.

But, I must in the "country" if you can call it that in's kind of pretty.

Here's the calm before the storm...

My yard....

About a quarter of my driveway...shoveling it tomorrow should be fun!

and the additional foot that's going to fall tonight is going to make my morning hell on earth.....Dear Mr.'s time to buy a SNOWBLOWER!

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