Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I thought the roads in RI were bad yesterday....

Yesterday's commute was downright treacherous. It normally takes me 15 minutes to get to my Tuesday destination..our lovely courthouse in the southern part of the state. Yesterday it was a 45 minute ride. I live on a pretty big hill. Mr. Allan assured me the roads weren't bad at all. So, I hopped in my little Toyota Corolla, aka the soccer mom in training car, and slid right down the hill. Once I was down that hill, I knew there was no going back. I had to take the back roads. I turned on one road to see a 4 car accident at a big curve up ahead. I started to gently apply the brakes only to have my car swurve all over the place. My only option was to hit a snowbank to stop it. Thank god I don't really like my car and the valet in my garage sidewiped it against a pole last year and made me not care about dents and scratches anymore. When I approached the accident, I just scraped along the snowbank to keep myself from hitting the other cars. Definitely a turn down the radio, white knuckle kind of driving day. And, to think, I was pissed when I walked out the door because I took the time to straighten my hair and it was drizzling...which would result in a frizzy total waste of 20 minutes that morning.

Well, these people had it much worse thenme and my wasted morning hair straightening.

And a kudos to the Today show. I really do listen to you guys in the 20 minutes I watch you in between the hair drying and actually getting dressed stage in my morning. They had winter driving tips...never to brake and turn your wheel..only do one or the other. I listened!

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