Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Alex and Ani

On Christmas day, we all noticed a cute little bracelet on my sister's arm. I think one by one, my other sister, mom and myself all asked her what it was and where she got it. She told us it was her new bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani. I heard about this store and saw a small ad (I think) in Newport This Week...a little newspaper that we lived by when we lived down there and one I picked up a couple weeks ago. My sister, Heather, told me she heard about them all the time on the Buddy Cianci radio show.

So as we oohed and aahed and all thought...I want was time to open gifts. Low and behold, my mom opened her first gift from Heather and it was an Alex and Ani bangle with a "C" initial charm. Heidi, my other sister, and I looked on and I know we were both thinking...I want one.

Then, it was time to exchange our Favorite Things....and to my amazement we were tickled pink that Heather had gotten both me and Heidi an Alex and Ani bangle with a "H" charm. I'm not really into the whole Pandora craze that's happening...curse me if you will...but my mom's really into, we got a Pandora bracelet for my step get my drift..I think it's kind of a total mom I egg or rock throwing necessary from you Pandora loving gals!

Reasons why I think this bracelet is's made of all recycled my green self feels good about wearing it. It's simple, not clunky, and I love things with my initials on it. You can also buy additional bangles to match up with them.

It's a cool check it or Alex and Ani website

They're located in Newport right on Bowen's Wharf as well...

here's a pic of my Alex and Ani bracelet

the cute box!

My bracelet with the H charm

I love the recycle symbol that's also on it.

Here's a link to the website with information and the location of their Newport, RI boutique.

These bracelets (and their other items) make a unique different yet personalized gift. I think I might head down to Newport this weekend to see what else I can grab to add on to my H bracelet. Mad props to my sister, Heather, for discovering and introducing all the women in the family to Alex and Ani.


  1. Courteney who owns Wish in Newport has a bunch of these! She was raving about them when I saw her over vacation :) They are adorable!

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