Monday, January 3, 2011

To Get a Facelift...or not...

That's my current debate right now. I feel like my blog looks a little homegrown right now..sort of like the kid in elementary school who totally cut her own bangs. I'm feeling the need for a bit more polished look. While I do love my little homegrown I cut my own bangs with my safety scissors look, I can't get the idea of a little nip and tuck out of my mind. Hmm..maybe I should use a botox analogy vs. bangs? Or, maybe I can use the analogy of when I think I need something new and how my conversation goes with Mr. Allan

Me: I think I need some new jeans. Most of mine are really ratty looking and all from last year.

Mr. Allan: What's wrong with what's in your closet. They still work, don't they?

So...thoughts? Keep Becoming Mrs. Allan as it is because it ain't broke


Hell Yeah everyone needs a new outfit every once in a while?


  1. New Year New Look?? I do love your current blog "look" but I think an upgrade could be fun too!!

  2. I'm thinking new look!

  3. i just gave mine a little overhaul - every once in a while it's a good thing :)