Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It was like a sign from the Barbri Gods up above

They knew I was considering a blog face lift. They knew my little blog needed a sprucing up since more people than just my mom read it. I asked and they answered.

Who the hell are the Barbri gods? Well, Barbri is the crap-tastic bar review course I took in 2003. They milked me for a good maybe $1000 to sit in a room at Roger Williams University and watch video taped lectures that were supposed to teach me about all the subjects on the RI and MA bars that I apparently did not learn in my 3 years of law school.

Sounds like a rip off, right?Well, it kind of was and someone else thought so too, because they sued Barbri. Apparently sometime between the years of 2005 and 2010, I was notified and joined in the class action law suit....which I apparently completely forgot about!

Rewind to yesterday....I receive an email from my friend L. She asks..did you get your Barbri class action settlement check? I think...my WHAT?!? She gives me the deets on what she got and reminds me about the little class action lawsuit we were notified about eons ago. I then start praying to the Lord up above that I didn't chuck the paperwork they sent me years ago and that I filled that crap out and that I mailed it back and that the mailman came and that there's a nice little check sitting in my mailbox that is totally a sign from the big man upstairs that I should give my blog a little nip and tuck since it's like free money I totally didn't think I had, I totally didn't expect and would totally cover the cost of a blog face lift!

The big man up above answered and Operation Becoming Mrs. Allan Nip and Tuck and now underway.

Stay Tuned.

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