Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Snack of the Week...Garden of Eatin Chips and Good Neighbor's Salsa

I'm a huge salsa fan..the dip not the dance..anyone who's seen me attempt Zumba classes definitely knows I wasn't born to dance. It's funny to think that I always thought I never liked salsa. I remember when I was growing up that my mom always hated tomatoes. So, for some odd reason, I just adapted the idea that I did as well. I remember my 10th grade boyfriend had a weird obsession with Tostito's chips that had a hint of jalapeno or red pepper..I'm not sure if they were new on the market in good ole 1994. But, he'd buy a bag of these chips on a weekly basis and we'd also bring them if we were going over someones house to watch a basketball game or a name it. I loved the chips but could never bring myself to scoop up the salsa. I got braver and braver and would dip the tiny corner of the chip in the jar of salsa but would freak if a chunk of a tomato got on the chip. Yeah, I know, I was, and still probably am, a bit of a weirdo and this story really has no point..except that I used to hate salsa and now 17 years later, I love it. I also can't believe that it's been 17 years since the 10th grade.

So, my favorite snack of the week ......

I really really need to limit the chips in our house. When I do buy them, I look for ones with as few as ingredients as possible. I really like these Garden of Eatin Chips. I was at Whole Foods one day, buying another brand, and the nice man stocking the shelves suggested these. He said they had a more rustic taste. I loved them and they're available everywhere. But, even better...they just came out with a baked version. I love that they're made of good ingredients and now have less calories and fat. Mr. Allan wasn't as big of a fan...he said they broke easily in my home made guacamole. But, I grocery shop, so I get the final say!
 Garden of Eatin Baked Blue Chips on my counter...

Here's a better view of the bag if you're looking for them on your chip aisle...their regular brand is great as well if you're not a fan of a baked chip

Onto salsa...I'm a big salsa fan now. I prefer to buy ones in the refrigerator section that aren't jarred and a bit fresher. I love this Good Neighbors salsa. They have so many different kinds from a peach to a mango, but this black bean and corn is my absolute favorite. It seems to be a pretty popular one, because some weeks it seems to sell out at my local grocery store.

And...just a shout out to another favorite salsa of mine...Sister's Salsa. The Twice the Spice pictured below has a little kick that makes it an interesting snack. I'm not a hot and spicy kind of girl, so its a spice I can handle and enjoy!

On my weekly trip to Whole Foods I'll be grabbing all of the above to get ready for the Patriots vs. Jets showdown...hopefully they'll be no bloodshed in the Allan household as one of us is rooting for the good guys and the other is a Jets fan!


  1. My husband and I were just talking about how we go through salsa like its water. I'm like you, I prefer to get it in the refrigerator section in the produce department, much more fresh. I can't think of the name of the salsa that we normally get but I know that the Trader Joe's salsa with garlic is great and so is the Margarittaville salsa.

  2. I love the Trader Joe's as well...but sometimes the garlic gets to me a little! Salsa is so much better when it's not out of a jar!