Monday, January 3, 2011


Today is a state holiday. I'm not really sure why. Everyone and their brother had last Friday off. As I slaved away behind my desk, most got to run around getting that sparkly shirt they needed for the New Year's eve festivities. Not me.

So, instead, I got to sleep in a little bit today. Well, not really. Mr. Allan hopped in the shower to go to work and one of the cats desperately wanted to shower with him and jumped and clawed and almost turned the door knob and opened the door. Smart cat.

I got up, got my coffee and flipped on the Today show. As I lounged around in our bed while my puffy down comforter surrounded me and carefully sipped my gigantic mug of coffee, a really nice segment came on during the Today show. Usually I'm snorting to myself as they're talking about Lindsay Lohan, well, they did do that as well, or we're hemming and hawing at the new royal china with Prince William on it, and I say to myself...this is news? So, it was nice to see a really meaningful story about acceptance, and what a great thing to hear so early in the morning before I embarked on my day.

The story circled around this book that a mom wrote about her son
Check out the great website surrounding this story

The book tells the story of the author's 4 year old son who liked typical girl things such as jewelry and all things pink. The mission of the book is to "accept and celebrate the unique person within us all"

It's something our society doesn't really do that well. So take the lesson from this little boy and try and apply it to your everyday life.

Here's the clip from the Today Show

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