Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taco Hell, I mean Bell, their Meat actually Meat?

That's the underlying question of a lawsuit that was filed against Taco Bell in an Alabama court recently. Eww...I just feel gross typing that...seriously your beef taco isn't even meat people...allegedly of course!

An Alabama law firm has filed suit on behalf of a customer claiming that Taco Bell is misleading consumers when it lists its ingredients of the beef products claim they contain seasoned beef. The suit alleged that you're not really consuming beef when you down your taco supreme...the mystery meat you're actually eating is only 35% beef...the rest, the other 65% of your beef, are fillers.

The law firm said their client isn't seeking any type of monetary damages..before we roll our eyes thinking this is the guy looking for a million bucks because his McDonald's coffee was too hot and he burnt his tongue...instead, they're seeking a court order requiring Taco Bell to be honest about their filler beef ingredients as their allegation is that Taco Bell's current beef doesn't even meet the USDA guidelines to be declared beef.

This caught my makes me wonder what the heck you really order when you eat out! Apparently if you order a might be mixed meat fillers...Taco Bell is denying the claims and say they will fight this lawsuit. Might be a good idea to get your ass to Chipotle if you're feeling Mexican food tonight.

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