Thursday, January 20, 2011

My new love

I went back and I really need one, will I really like it? The answers are yes and yes! I waffled, had it in my amazon cart on four different occasions and then finally bit the bullet and bought a Kindle.

I was probably similar to a lot of people out there telling myself that I really like the feeling of a book in my hands. Well, the feeling of my Kindle is my hands beats the stupid old book.

I don't travel as often as my husband, but when we do, we're usually off to some type of warm climate to relax. On our honeymoon, I brought 6 novels with me and read them all.My luggage was probably 25 lbs of shoes, 10 pounds of clothes and 10 pounds of books. They were heavy, cumbersome to travel with, and I think the Four Seasons in Maui got the gift of Lauren Conrad's LA Candy novel from me since I didn't want to pack it and bring it home.

I really didn't know if I would like the Kindle. I like to take trips to Barnes and Noble and peruse the aisles and I also like to have a little pile of books to read by my nightstand. But, having all the books in one compact spot can't be beat. I bought a cover for my Kindle from When I just held the Kindle with no cover, it felt a little weird and it also felt delicate. I couldn't see myself throwing it into my purse or work bag. Now, with the cover, it feels like a book, I typically toss it in my purse and I'm good to go. I can't get over the crisp resolution of the screen and it's pretty convenient that you can press a button and shop in the Kindle store to buy yourself a book. Another huge plus is that I don't have to worry about all the books hanging around and where I'm going to store them. Mr. Allan and I both have one bookcase a piece and both are packed. I'm really not a huge fan of the look of my bookcase in our spare room. It makes me feel cluttered and I've found myself donating books more and more the past few years. Now with the Kindle..problem is solved.

Here's the front of my Kindle with the cover. I went back and forth on a cover, but the protection it gives, alone, was worth the extra money for it.

Here's my Kindle screen. It looks a little bigger in this picture but it's about the size of a medium sized paper back book.

I can't get over the resolution of this's a million times better than I really ever expected.

So, the Kindle was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know if I wanted it just to have a new electronic gadget, or if I'd really love it. And...I really love it. It makes reading a book more accessible to me and I'm looking forward to donating some books that we have stored at the house and get rid of the bookcases that are somewhat of an eyesore in some of our spare rooms. Now, if I could only get Mr. Allan to make the switch over and embrace this new technology!

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  1. i also love books and have been thinking about purchasing a kindle in the future when i save up. i go back and forth, too, especially when i watch others read kindles and wonder what will become of the good old paperback. thanks for this post..i have the same problem with hauling pounds of books around..maybe one day i really will give into this great invention.