Saturday, January 29, 2011

I hate being sick

It's boggling my mind how 36 hours ago I was fine, rushing to my primary care physician's office for a clean bill of help and crossing my fingers hoping I'd make it the 5pm yoga class at my gym. Well, I got hung up at the doctor's office, missed yoga and blame all the sick people there for passing on their cruddy germs. I whipped out my hand sanitizer like a mad woman as soon as i got back into my car, but it was too late. That night my throat hurt ever so slightly. I downed a glass of Emergen-C. The next morning I woke up feeling a little off and swallowed 2 Dayquil capsules immediately. I went to the dentist, was feeling normal, came home and crashed. I woke up this morning full blown sick. Ughh....

Okay..maybe my slippers aren't that ugly but this is what I'm feeling right about now as I can't breathe, my coffee tastes like nothing, no matter how much I blow my nose, I'm still congested and it's turning a neon shade of red since we have no Kleenex and I'm using Bounty select a size to do the job.

So, what's on tap for this weekend...I'm not going anywhere as I sit here in my yoga pants and new fluffy blue robe from LL Bean (thanks dad and Marilyn..I love this robe and my cats love to knead their little paws on it and "make biscuits" as we call it in our house). So, Mr. Allan flew in last night from a business trip and I'm sending him on a daunting shopping and your wife's nose needs a good quality tissue.

We're headed to Mexico in a month, so I'm thinking I need some healthy comfort food as I think about putting on a bathing suit. So, onto perusing the Internet an raiding the recipe box to see what I can come up with and send the Mr. on his mission to get us food. Happy weekend everyone...I'll guarantee yours is probably better than mine!

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