Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Reads..

Reading is a passion of mine.  I was a little kid at East Woosocket School begging my dad for more money to buy the Troll books from the paper leaflets my 2nd grade teacher would hand out. I would get the books and hole myself in my bedroom reading one after another. I blew through Ramona Quimby, Nancy Drew, the Babysitters Club, onto Sweet Valley Kids and graduated onto Sweet Valley High.

Now that I've outgrown the Babysitter's Club, I've moved onto what's commonly referred to as chick-lit and throw in a decent novel here and there. But, I thrusted myself back into the tween genre of books with Twilight and read that series. I did feel like a superstar blowing through these 500 page books until I remembered they were made for an audience probably half my age.

I just couldn't push the tween novels aside. My co-worker, H, brought this series to my attention and I must say I LOVED it. Sometimes I'm funny with I just can't stand when the main characters are British...everyone suggested the Shop-a-holic series, but it drives me nuts when every other word is bloody or we're talking about going back to their flat. So, if you told me the subject matter of this series, I probably would've stuck my nose up at it saying I'm all set with the sci-fi stuff I know isn't real.

But, I paid for the Kindle version of this book and am glad it was stuck on there and I gave it a shot. This was hands down one of my favorite reads of the past month....

This novel brings you to the country of Panem where the Hunger Games take 2 tributes from the country's 12 different districts to be placed in an arena and the last one standing alive, wins. Sounds a little weird, as it did to me, but on advice of someone who read it told me..give it a chance it's a great read. I finished this book in a little over a day...and the few days later ... I blew through the 2nd and 3rd books of the trilogy as well.

Book 2..Catching Fire
And Book 3...Mockingjay

This series seems to be catching quite the following and you've probably heard of someone who's read it and hopefully loved it as well!


  1. I loved the Babysitters Club series too. I haven't read the Hunger Games series but I've heard so many good things about it.

    Not too much can beat diving into a good book!

  2. hi holly! oh no, i just posted a comment but it got erased. okay i'll try to recreate it. i just found your blog (ok this is going to sound creepy- it involves hearing about it from diana, seeing your profile pic of you in your cute apron among sue's facebook friends while commenting on her wall, then remembering that i had wanted to check out your blog). i don't usually comment on blogs often, but i just wanted to say i love reading yours. love your little commentaries, like the one about running to target to find tomato paste, then finding out you don't have chicken stock left- totally reminds me of how i am when i cook sometimes. the recipes look delicious, can't wait to try out the orzo one. also, i looked through the engagement photos from a post you had last year- i pretty much died at how cute they were, and i loved your captions. you're right, your photographer did a great job showing you guys liking each other despite you both being upset :) also, i am a guilty lover of beauty products- thankfully i am still unmarried and only have to be accountable to myself when i spend a small fortune on beauty products "just to test them out." i have been wanting to try moroccan oil since my salon used it on my hair a while ago! also, i have asian afro hair- and admire your hair all the time (i remember talking with you and mr. allan last year about it, and you shooting him a guilty glance when talking about how much you spend on your hair). love the image if you running around in a pink robe making sure your hair is perfect in the morning. okay stay well!! and keep warm. :)

  3. Thanks so much! You make me feel so much better about what Mr. Allan refers to as the nonsense posts...the ones about the rambling thoughts in my head and the crazy things I do!