Monday, January 24, 2011

Recipe of the Week!

It's so easy to make, it doesn't take a lot of thought, time or preparation, and it's a crowd pleaser. It'll be perfect for Super Bowl parties coming up, and its great to throw together in the morning and have waiting for you when you get home. The best recipe I made this week was Barbecued Pulled Pork. It might not be the healthiest thing I could have made, but it's nice to have a treat every once in a while!

It started off with a really good BBQ sauce...

Next comes a boneless pork shoulder from Whole Foods

Then out comes the good old crock pot. I sliced up an onion and threw it in there.

I covered the pork with 1/2 to 3/4 of the jar of BBQ sauce. I added a 1/2 cup of water and threw the crock pot on LOW for about 8-9 hours.

I made this on a weekend, so I was home to peek on it, swat a cat away from the counter, and to break it up with a fork as it cooked. After about 9 hours, this was the end result. I then added the rest of the BBQ sauce.

This was Mr. Allan's dinner with a side of home made cole slaw.

We served the pulled pork on our favorite buns...Ezekial Sprouted Grain Hamburger Buns
You can use any type of BBQ sauce. One thing I would have done differently, trim a bit of the fat off the meat before it went into the crock pot. Once it started to break up after it cooked for a few hours, I was desperately trying to get some out and it proved to be quite the fishing expedition. I hope those that think Mr. Allan lives in a "food prison" are pleased with a little detour from my normal vegetable, no nonsense, all healthy meals. This recipe could have fed us and 8 of our closest friends. We took some and froze it. We did the test of is it a hot mess once it's defrosted and reserved today. I'm glad to report it was just like the day we made it. Enjoy!

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