Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I kind of feel like a 5th grader yelling this...but I'll certainly take a snow day! Although, since the governor of RI closed down the State Offices and I'm forced to take a personal or vacation day, it's really not any type of freebie day for me. But, it was certainly nice to sleep until 7:45am, roll out of bed, feed some cats, help myself to a big mug of hot coffee and curl up on the couch with my laptop.

Here's what they're forecasting for New England. Alot of cities, towns, and state offices are closed as well as every school in the state of RI.

I woke up at 4am to the sound of, what I thought, were bad cats fighting or scratching something. As I turned on the light, the cats were curled up on the bed with me and it was actually the sound of snow and sleet whipping against the windows.

Here's the view from my back deck...I kind of hate snow. I hate to step in it, it ruins your hair, I hate wearing hats, and it sucks when it starts to melt it because that horrid slushy crap. But, it kind of is pretty when you first look out your window...I felt like Ralphie in the Christmas Story when he leaps out of bed on Christmas morning to find out its a white Christmas with a fresh blanket of snow.

I guess we won't be using the pool any time soon

I live on a pretty main road that's yet to be plowed. They're predicting an additional 8-10 inches of snow. Since RI's only ski resort is in the vicinity of our home,  we're always good to go with the roads since, God forbid, people can't get to the big hill to snowboard and ski in this weather.

my little bird feeder looked so lonely in the snow

So, what's in store for me today. I'm going to stay in my $12 Old Navy yoga pants and ugly old Roger Williams School of Law blue zip up sweatshirt, lounge around, maybe organize the pantry closet, watch some Teen Mom 2 (the season premiere was last night!!!), catch up on day time television, read a book, maybe watch Shutter Island, and be snowed in. They say the winds are going to pick up and my area is always prone to power outages. Mr. Allan reminded me to fill a pot of water if electricity goes out. He was smart enough to remind me that the water dispenser on the fridge won't work without power and that, since we have a well, all water won't work as well as the heat. Mr. Allan is in sunny San Diego giving his snowed in wife some great advice. It never fails that a major snow event hits RI and I'm stuck with 3 cats who don't help shovel. So, be safe, don't be a moron out on the roads, and enjoy a relaxing snow day!

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