Saturday, January 1, 2011

Only my husband...

can accomplish this. What is it's my car parallel parked in an eensy weensy spot in Newport on New Year's Eve. The really impressive thing about this parallel parking job..he managed to parallel park the good ole Corolla on top of a pretty decent sized snow bank..made it interesting to get out of this spot at 12:30am, and I thought his parallel parking job with the Shaggin' Wagon in Martha's Vineyard was impressive...I think this might top it.

So...Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a safe, happy, healthy new year. I love this time of year..through my champagne hazed mind this morning, I'm thinking of all that's coming our way in 2011. I have a new attitude and a fresh outlook on 1-1-11. We had such a great time celebrating in Newport at 41 North. So glad our friends L & P had no plans and could grab dinner with us. I enjoyed the swanky new look of 41 North, the old Christies as Newporters knew it as. Great friends, great conversations, and my husband serenaded me with George Michael's If I'm Ever Gonna Dance again on the ride home. I wouldn't have celebrated my NYE any other way!

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