Friday, April 29, 2011


My favorite day of the week...Friday! I'm hopping on the Fun Fridays bandwagon with Jennie from A Girl in Pearls and A Boy with Toys

Not only am I excited that it's the weekend...I'm loving that there is no Court today and I had an office day! I'm hoping to walk over to the mall during my lunch break and get some much needed office work and office cleaning done today! Mr. Allan arrived home from a week long business trip to Texas...I can't wait to grab some dinner and drinks with the Mr. tonight....and of course it goes without saying that I'll be looking at tons of Royal Wedding stuff!

On Saturday, it's time to start getting the yard ready for spring and summer. The weather has steadily gotten warmer and Mr. Allan is going to power wash and stain the deck. It's quite the task because we have quite the yard and quite a bit of deck. So I wish him the best of luck :)

Saturday night I think we're headed to Newport for some Mexican with friends! Hopefully lots of sangria and margaritas as well!

On Sunday I'm headed out for brunch with my sisters and a friend and then to see a play version of Steel Magnolias..

so many good lines from this movie! I've seen it a million times and can't wait to see how its interpreted into a play..and an afternoon with some ladies isn't too bad of a way to wrap up the weekend!

One to do task for me...clean out my's a hot mess! I'm dying to pack away some of the winter stuff and whip out some summer stuff!

I should be embarrassed to even post a picture of it!

I'm dying to get the summer stuff out!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good for you being brave! I find that the best way for me to be honest with myself about my messes is to post for all to see - give me motivation!

  2. Mmm margaritas and sangria sound SO good about now! Have a nice weekend :)

  3. I love Steel Magnolias and flips OF COURSE!