Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing on TLC

I'm getting kind of bored with American Idol..mostly because the judges think everyone is so good, they all nailed it dog, and they could be the one. I miss some meanness on there. It's too kum bah yah for me right now.

So, I did the unthinkable..I switched off of American Idol and started channel surfing to come upon this new show on TLC...Extreme Couponing.

I had mixed feelings about this show. While I did think it was amazing how much money they saved...I they really need all this? What family off 6 will use 100 containers of mustard? There was one man on there who donated a lot of his "haul" as they called it, to a food bank..I'd high five that dude if I saw him.'s a it and my thoughts are below!

First...she spent 6 hours walking around 2 grocery stores stalking out the wish I had that kind of free time on my hand but I have a job. Second...she bought 150 candy bars. Third, she then filled her cart with bags upon bags of Pepperidge Farm cookies, and then came the processed meals. So, while I think it's fantastic to use coupons, and I use them myself, I guess I'm not seeing how valuable this is to people if you're going to stock up on crap junk junkfood. Everything in their grocery carts were boxed, processed foods. Yeah, this stuff may be free...but seriously do they really need it? Another episode I watched last night had a family who had so many products and groceries that the family had to set up shelving units in their BEDROOMS to store the items. The poor kids had rolls of toilet paper stuffed under their toddler beds and in the master bedroom there were huge storage shelves you'd see in some one's garage with canned goods, 150 boxes of cereal, and 200 bottles of handsoap.

Overall, I enjoyed the show but just couldn't help but shake my head and wonder do these people really need this stuff? Do they actually use it? I have a box of Rice Krispies in our pantry that was buy one get one free last year. I went to use them only to find out they expired about 6 months I'm wondering how these peeps eat 150 boxes of cereal without having them expire.

Here's one more clip...Nathan..who donated some of his goods to the local food bank...and apparently really likes his salad dressing..since he had hundreds of containers and enough deodorant to last him a lifetime!


  1. We wanted to watch this but I totally forgot! From what it sounds like I agree with you, without donating it how are they really going to get through all this food before the exp date comes up? And who needs all that processed food? I guess there aren't coupons for apples though...

  2. I really think coupons work in the opposite way - they just make you spend more on things you probably shouldn't be buying (or wouldn't be buying if you didn't have the coupon!) It tricks you into thinking you're saving money.. I wish we still had cable, because I would most likely be watching! Thanks for posting these clips, tho!