Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Fridays!

Once again I'm hopping into Fun Fridays with Jennie from A Girl with Pearls and A Boy with Toys

So what's on tap for the Allans...well, I'm happy to report that Mr. Allan is more husband away in the Artic!

So we're starting the weekend with dinner tonight...I need some cocktails and am just going to enjoy some time with the husband.

Tomorrow I have my Saturday morning routine of the gym, then lunch with some lovely ladies and then we're off to a Local Farm Dinner at the Celestial Cafe. This nearby restaurant has monthly dinners using local ingredients. Here's a peek at a previous one we went to:

But..most of's just a good excuse to get together with some friends as well!

Sunday...I'm declaring it a sister day! My sister and I are driving up to Beverly, MA to see our other sister..the 3H club will be complete for a day (we're Heather, Heidi and Holly..aka the 3H club). We'll take some time to celebrate a birthday gal as well...although I won't mention any ages!

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