Monday, April 11, 2011

Interesting sites in the Poconos this weekend

Mr. Allan and I headed south to the Poconos this weekend to visit with his parents. After the 5 hour drive, we arrived. Mr. Allan played lumberjack and cut up some trees and made some firewood while I did some shopping at the local outlets and scored some suits for work from Ann Taylor, some jewelry from Banana Republic, and some summer shoes from Nine West.

While driving back to the inlaws house, I went on the hunt for a liquor store to reward Mr. Allan with some cold beer for his handy chainsaw skills. Little did I know that beer and wine aren't sold in the same stores in PA...just for the record..I think this is the stupidest rule ever. I went on a wild goose chase to find a beer distributor...I was ready to rip my hair out..and when the gas light came on in the car and I was on the side of a mountain..I started to swear like a sailor...luckily I saw this, which made me laugh my ass off and forget about my beer journey and empty gas tank.

I guess this lady really likes her some Edward and Bella!


  1. I'm glad you found something humorous after your goose chase! The rest of your weekend sound great. :)

  2. PA is good for one thing: Yuengling!