Friday, April 1, 2011

A well fitting trench and end of the season finds

I got together with my mom and sisters last weekend. Nothing better than helping my mom with stuff around the house and then some lunch and a trip to mall. While walking through the mall, one sister wanted to go to Sears to check out some Land's End line. The other sister and I groaned...I think my response was.."who the hell still shops in Sears?" I must say...I then ate my words about a half hour later. I associate Land's End with my mom. It's kind of trendy mom staples. But, the sister kept mentioning their new Canvas line. I must was okay. Maybe still not my cup of tea but a cute piece here and here. Even better though...the rack of somewhat trendy looking winter staples that were 60% off...from hats to gloves, to this...
It doesn't look like much hanging on my closet door...but it's the world's best scarf. I love scarves..and unfortunately I'm still wearing one even though April is here. I hate when my scarves have huge long dangling ends..a gross story...I had on a scarf...I take mine, fold it in half, loop it around the back of my neck, and then take the ends and loop them through the loop that the fold made...follow? It's just a good way to secure that scarf around your neck. I was running late and had my coat on, work bag and purse in hand, Starbucks mug with coffee in hand. Then it hit me...I didn't clean the cats' litter boxes. Arrghhh. I put down work bag, purse, and coffee. I ran to grab our little biodegradable cat crap bags, leaned over and the end of my scarf dangled and hit litter box. I was so grossed out that the scarf was ripped off my neck and I'm really not sure if I ever wore it again. The moral of my gross story..scarf ends suck when they're go out and get one of these snoogle type scarfs...just the word me and the sister use to describe it.

The snoogle scarf came at a perfect time...because I just finished my month long search for a quality, well fitting, a little bit tailored trench. I'm a boring lawyer without a ton of room to be fashionable in my blah work suits...Probably every lawyer I see on the streets is sporting the same tan, tea length London Fog trench. I wanted something classic but not so boring. I've been wearing this paper thin Old Navy deal for the last year that's just not cutting it. The belt never stays fastened, buttons are hanging off...gotta love Old Navy, but I seldom find quality things there that last for years. So...the winner...the black classic trench from Banana Republic. I wasn't wild about the price tag....but then the Gap Give and Get 30% coupon surfaced in my inbox. It was like a sign from the heavens above telling me that I needed to buy this coat.

Here's another work bathroom shot...I'm surprised at how many people comment on these...hey..I have no on to take the glamour shots of me! But..also notice that lovely scarf around my neck!

My verdict on the trench...overall pretty good. The Medium was a tiny bit short in my arms, so I had to go for the large. My trench fits on the roomier side, but I love the fit, I like the belt...I opt to actually fasten the belt vs. tying it in a giant knot. My only complaint...the lint. I wear so many black suits, I loved the thought of a black trench vs. the typical khaki but I didn't take into the account the lint factor. Luckily, as a crazy lady with 3 cats I never leave home without a lint brush!

The trench is at Banana Republic for $198...(don't worry Mr. Allan I had a KILLER coupon code and didn't pay that)

The snoogle scarf deal is at Sears (who knew!!!). I got the scarf, hat, and matching gloves (which run mad  big by the way!) all for $27.

me = bargain chick