Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Fridays!

It's Friday...TGIF!!!! It's also time for Fun Fridays with Jen from A Girl in Pearls and A Boy with Toys!

So what's in store for me this weekend?

I'm just excited Mr. Allan is home from a business trip and can't wait to hang out with him and spend some quality time together! Every Friday night, we head to a local restaurant/bar down the street from us. Our Fridays kind of remind me like a scene from that old sitcom know..where everyone knows your name. By the time we sit, say hello to the neighbors, the bartender has our drinks of choice poured. We eat some grub and enjoy catching up on the local town gossip.

I'm also hoping to sneak over to the mall during my lunch break ...I'm in desperate need of some make up primer and some placemats for our new dining room table. I'm thinking of giving Smashbox Primer Light a try!

If it's nice out on Saturday I hope to get out in our yard. We have a pretty big yard and it's time to tackle weeds in all the flower beds, fill up the bird feeders, put the bird houses out, get the compost pile going, get the fire pit roaring and start cleaning out my little raised bed garden. If I wait too long, I become overwhelmed with weeds! This year I'm going to try some gentler tactics..instead of the chemical weed killers...I'm going to see how a bit of salt water will kill em!

On Sunday we're hosting a little Sunday dinner and having my dad and stepmom over. I think the meal of choice will be Barefoot Contessa's Roast of Mr. Allan's favorite HERE to see a previous post that contains the recipe!

I'm thinking it's time to try a new dessert recipe as well! Hopefully you'll see next week if I find a new dessert recipe that's a keeper!

Hopefully if the weather cooperates, Mr. Allan and I can get out for some runs! I love that spring is here! There's nothing better than lacing up the sneakers and pounding some pavement for some good exercise!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great relaxing weekend w Mr Allan; enjoy!

  2. It's supposed to be pretty yucky here this weekend. :/