Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Cool Weather Running Essentials...

I love that the snow is melting, I can see grass, and I can start running outside. It's a little liberating to my usual must hit the gym for turbo kick class schedule where I'm indoors all the time. It keeps exercising fun when you have another option to go to besides being a complete gym rat.

Now that the first 5k race of the season is under my belt..I decided to treat myself to a couple new things to keep the runner in me half alive and keep the road races going this summer...

First off...I needed a new running jacket. It's still a little chilly out there. I have one or two clearance rack TJ Maxx fleeces I've been rotating through and a really beat up stretched out I used to be an XL and am no longer jacket from Old Navy that's just too big but will do if the others are in the laundry and I've been a bad wife and haven't done a load all week.

One essential requirement on any running attire for me..must have a pocket, preferably zipper, to hold my car key. I do most of my running at local bike path since Casa de Allan is on a main road and people whizz up and down it in their larger than life SUV's. I prefer the zipper because I had my alarm remote thingy in an unzippered pocket. It flew out somewhere between mile 1 and 2..yeah..finding it kind of sucked.

I grabbed this jacket at the Gap...on sale for $34.99 and I had my Gap Give and Get 30% you can see I really like it. Best this somewhat chilly weather I love these thumb holes so I can avoid wearing I wasn't just giving you a big thumb's up..I'm showing off my fancy thumb hole deal! Also..please ignore the no make up look..the husband was away, it was a Sunday and I was going running..who needs make up for that kind of day?

Another fun essential..a good chapstick. I'm a chronic lip biter and most stuff I've found just wears off immediately. One lip balm I found that I love..mostly because it gives a little gloss but mostly because an hour later, I still feel like I have it on....Rosebud Salve. $6 at Sephora...sometimes if I'm not in the mood for a lipstick kind of day..I grab I really feel like I got my 6 bucks worth since it's great for running outside or good for a day when I'm not feeling the glam squad needs to come out

Another little fun item that's become a life saver for me because of my sensitive eyes...Skin Organics Coffee Berry with Hemp Oil Balm. I wear contacts and if it's windy out my poor eyes water like there's no tomorrow. At a road race last weekend people probably thought I was crying it was so bad. I love this balm and sometimes during the winter I put it on my eye area at night because its so moisturizing. But, even better, I slick a little near the corners of my eyes and its a life save for preventing my eyes from getting dry and watery. Mad props to my sister, Heidi, for discovering this. It was one of her "Favorite Things" circa Christmas sisters and I knock off Oprah's Favorite Things and pick our favorite things of the year for a Christmas exchange every much fun!

This balm is sold at Whole Foods

It's like a giant chapstick..I use it in the corners or my eyes and on my lips as well.

Some other no brainer running essentials..My IPOD of course..if I didn't have that I'd probably carry on a conversation with myself the whole time, as well as a good pair of sneakers. Good sneakers are important..last summer I was suffering from such hip pain only to get fitted for a pair of sneakers to find out my old ones had way too much cushioning that cause me to roll out when I ran.

And of pretty Sigg water bottle

So maybe you're not a runner..but you should get outside now that the weather's warming up and exercise that body of yours! So, if you don't run, go for a nice brisk walk! You deserve it, you need it, and it does a body good! You're not going to live a long healthy life watching reality tv with a plate of bon bons in front of you!


  1. I am your newest follower! Love your blog : )

  2. I'm a new runner...but I still want the bonbons! GAH! ;)

    So, dumb question, do you carry the water bottle with you?

    I need that lip salve! My lips get super dry, super easily!

  3. the bottle is kind of big..usually a nice big sip before I start the run and then I drink it down when I'm done!

    if you're a new runner...a great program is the Couch to 5k on!

  4. I have that same Rosebud salve, but in tube form!

  5. Thanks Holly!
    I am using the couch to 5k and have my first race this weekend! I'm so nervous.