Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love Homework with Man Wife & Dog!

It's time for some Love Homework....a little fun with Man Wife & Dog Blog!

So what's this week's assignment? Dedicate a song to the husband!

I could easily just choose our wedding song or go the cheesy romantic route....but when I think of Mr. Allan...who, by the way, is not known for his musicality or singing ability...two songs come to mind!

First up..."All or Nothing" by O-Town. O-Town..you know..the boys from the Making the Band reality show with Lou Pearlman who took credit for inventing the Back Street Boys? C'mon..I know I'm not the only stooge who watched this reality show before reality tv became popular??

When I first met Mr. Allan..he was one quiet guy. A couple weeks after we had started dating, we got into his awesome 1988 Jeep Cherokee with saggy ceiling and moldy seat and windows that didn't roll down. He turned on our local radio station and O Town was playing. To my surprise, he belted out the refrain of this song ..full blast...and I nearly peed myself it was so funny. Every time this song came on he gave his rendition!


the second song that comes to mind...On the Wings of Love. I torture my poor husband with bad television. One show he was fortunate or maybe unfortunate enough to watch with me..The Bachelor..On the Wings of Love season with Jake.  We both cracked up when ABC flew the singer, Jefferey Osbourne, to the Bachelor set to perform this cheesy 80's song. Mr. Allan had to travel to Alaska for work couple weeks back. Once he was done with work and getting ready to fly back, I was able to talk to him. One day he was in his rental car driving around Anchorage and this song came on. He immediately called me and I answered the phone to him belting out, in his lovely crackly high that's not supposed to be high voice, "on the wing of love"...it made my day and the fact that he had been for so long not that bad!

Here's the cheesiest version on YouTube I could find!

Head on over to http://www.manwifeanddog.com/ to check out some other Love Homework Assignments..and sorry for using the word cheesy at least 3 times in one post..but it fits all of the above songs!

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