Monday, April 25, 2011

Beekeeping and Some Ham

Mr. Allan and I had a low key Easter. We drove up to Western, MA to help my mom with some things around the yard and were rewarded handsomely with some great Easter grub! While Mr. Allan and my mom cleaned up the yard, I was on ham duty...I did have a friend who got quite cozy with the ham....

Here was our little Easter feast for three...I loved that it was all vegetables and some ham kind of meal!

This was my other little helper...who knew a dog this small could eat so much ham!

Then..after dinner my mom's bees were delivered. My mom is a part time bee keeper....just for all those that went to our wedding and was wondering why we had little jars of honey as favors...because my momma's a beekeeper..thats why!

Here's my mom and her beekeeping helper, Bill, all dressed up putting the bees in!

My mom was very excited to shake the bees and put them in herself

Zoe and I watched from a safe distance away..don't want that little cute dog getting stung!

Here's a close up of the was really something to watch!

I do also realize that my pictures have little gray bars at the bottoms of to picasa web albums and the edit feature not working this morning!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and isn't in a peep/mini egg sugar coma this morning!

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  1. I think it's so cool your mom is a beekeeper!
    Glad you guys had a good Easter. :D