Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Fridays!


It goes in bold this week because it was a long one! I'm so excited it's Friday...Good Friday at that..although I don't get the day off!

So what's in store for the Allans this weekend?

Today...I'm excited for my co workers to try a new brownie recipe..might sound very anti-climactic to most..but I was in the mood to bake last night and think I made some pretty good on the look out for the recipe!

Tomorrow I'm running the Scott Carlson Memorial 5k. This is a great race for a great cause. It supports ALS, or Lou Gehrig's, disease research. The race is named for a man who lost his battle to the disease in 2003 at the age of 39. I love to run and support this race since I know a great woman I used to work for in law school who died from this awful disease. The forecast is calling for rain...but I'll brave the sprinkles and go out and get some exercise!

Then, Mr. Allan and I are heading to Western, MA to spend Easter with this lady...

Why who is fabulous mom of course! We also get to hang out with her lovely sidekicks


and Zoe

Most of all I'm looking forward to a great weekend with a little exercise..then some time helping my mom out with things around the yard and house...and cooking a great meal for us on Sunday..maybe a little play time with the puppy too!

Happy Easter and Happy Weekend!

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  1. Happy Easter! Enjoy your weekend : )

  2. Thank you Holly...I am looking forward to seeing you and Bill too!!!

  3. Oh another 5k? You go girl!!