Monday, March 21, 2011

This weekend....

I wore many different hats...the weekend was chock full of activity to keep me busy so I'd forget how much I miss Mr. Allan...(insert your awww here)

First off....I was a runner. I had so much fun meeting up with my friend, S, to run the St. Patrick's Day 5k race in Providence RI.  We were part of the group of 4000 that ran this race. Out of the 4000 people...I came in 2530. Not that the place matters...I was happy to run the entire race and feel pretty good afterwards as I've been running mostly on a treadmill and only had the chance to run once or twice outside since the weather in New England has been so cold. Here's a shot of the mass crowd...unfortunately we were stuck behind about 3000 people at the bottom of the hill. I love running this race every's like my unofficial spring kick off!

Then....I was named the unofficial cribbage champion of the 5th ward neighborhood of Newport. You might think..cribbage...that sounds like a total old person game. Well, my friends, pair it with beer, calzones, and some great friends and it makes for a fantastic night! Call it beginner's luck...but I think it was my mad skills and quiet demeanor until the end of the game that worked!

On Sunday...I wore my yogi hat. My gym offered a 3 hour vinyassa flow yoga class. I was a little leary if I could hack it for 3 hours, and a little more leary about a 3 hour class the day after a road race where I am always too excited to take my time and stretch afterwards and just want to socialize and eat the free bananas.

But, I'm glad I signed up, glad I persevered through it and apologize to the teachers who were assisting me through poses at just how much of a hot sweaty mess I become during class. I love that I can grab a mat and use my body to get some an amazing workout.

After sweaty yoga was onto a Make Up Class put on by the lovely Kristin Greene of Simply Beautiful. ( She's the go-to make up artist for brides in RI. The night consisted of some appetizers, lots of wine, and lots of this stuff...

I also used Kristin for my wedding....

It was fun to learn some new make up tips, have a glass of wine after a busy weekend, but most of all, hang out with some fabulous ladies! was your weekend?? Just think...five more days until we get to do it all over again!

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  1. I would love to go to a makeup class. I did a mini one once at a day spa. I loved it. I have gotten lazy again in my habits, and once I stop doing my make up well, its hard to go back.