Thursday, March 10, 2011

Band Aid Friction Stick

This is the ultimate savior for women who like some killer sandals or heels but are scared to wear them because they'll hurt your feet, the strap will rub wrong, or you'll get a blister. I made Mr. Allan truck it to Walmart on the eve of our Mexico trip...when we found out they were sold out, we went to CVS...when they didn't have it, it was on to Rite Aid. I have a love affair with this stupid thing once spring hits and my stupid mom Dansko clogs get shoved in the closet and I can whip out the flip flops and sandals.

Of was in my ziploc bag full of my 3oz toiletries for the plane ride...just in case I needed a quick swipe...

I call it my blister block...if you put on a pair of sandals and can totally tell where a strap might rub you simply take this bad boy and rub it right on the area. It's similar to a flat tube of chapstick or a mini tube of deodorant, the wheel at the bottom rolls the stick up and you can rub it right on the area. The key need to rub it on right when you feel a strap, the back of a shoe, the thong part of a flip flop rubbing. If you wait until you have an actual doesn't have the same effect. During spring and early summer when my feet are just getting used to the feel of flip flops, this is always in my purse. A small warning...if it's beastly warm will melt! I also had this in the limo when we got married as Mr. Allan and I were trucking it around downtown Providence and I was in some good sized heels and I think a bridesmaid here and there rubbed a little on as well! It's been a life saver so many times...when we're out at night in the never want to be that chick who's walking barefoot on the street when the bars let out...or anywhere!

I usually find the Friction Block by Band Aid at Target and Walmart for around $7.


  1. I SOOO need to get this!!! Thanks Holly!!!

  2. Holly you find the coolet stuff! Your other find was the waistless or bandless pantyhose I believe! I'm still looking for some!

  3. Thanks for this post! I love this product and nearly forgot to pack it for my vacation until I saw this. I have some new shoes with me and know I'll need this!