Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love this stuff

Thank you to my sister for introducing me to this stuff and thank you to my sister in law for reminding me how much I love it and had forgotten about it! I love this stuff. Once upon a time I was an over highlighted blond...I know, what was I thinking, especially with my black eyebrows. Maybe I was trying to rock the Denise Richards look from years ago when Charlie Sheen wasn't crazy and everyone talked about her kiss in Wild Things. Then, I met my lovely hairdresser who brought me back to brown. My sister suggested this glaze by John Frieda. They make some specific to your hair color and this clear one as well. It gives my hair a little pick me up while I'm trying to trudge through the 6 weeks between color because I'm turning gray rapidly period. I use it maybe once a week when I need a little something something. It leaves my hair super shiny and silky..something my way too blow dried hair needs. Consider it a little tlc for those, like me, who give their hair a run for their money with the stuff I do to it on a weekly basis.


  1. Is it for color treated hair or just any old hair??

  2. the picture I posted is the clear glaze...you can use it on any hair color. They also sell specific glazes to match brunettes, blonds, and red heads.