Monday, March 28, 2011

Essie at Target!

After I got the first pedicure of the season for Mexico in February, I've been itching for warm weather to come and for me to bust out the flip flops and be able to wear them with a straight face..aka not being the moron wearing them in 40 degree temps. The weather in New England has no cooperated as I sit here at work in a dress with a scarf on since my office is a bit chilly today.

Even though spring has been quite nippy here in RI...but it hasn't stopped me from going through the nail polish collection, ditching the really old stuff and deciding what new colors I'd like to buy for the warm weather.

This week I went to 3 different Target stores..all different locations. Hey, I was bored, there are 2 conveniently located with 3 miles of each other near me..and I went to see my mom this weekend and what do the ladies in my family do At Target no less.

So, on all trips I was tickled pink to see that Target has started to carry ESSIE nail polish. This revelation may have been one of the most exciting things that happened during my weekend. Yes, Mr. Allan is still away so little things like this are really exciting to me.

I LOVE Essie nail polish. In my book, it's sooooo much better than OPI. It's almost the same price but it stays so much longer than OPI. I have a million and half nail salons near my house and I drive to a certain Star Nails in Middletown, RI, solely because they have Essie Polish. Essie scores at Target... fufill my dark polish needs

Imported bubbly for the hands

and a little Plumberry

I also tried their top coat...I'm not a huge fan of how thick the OPI top coat is and after trying to thin it out with some nail polish was time to move on! Essie nail polish was sold at all my local Targets for around $7.


  1. My favorite top coat is Essie's To Dry For. Works like a charm and you'e right, the polish lasts far longer!

  2. Love nail polish and CATS!! I actually have 5 of them! ;) Following you from

  3. Did you see my recent blog post? I have an Essie nail polish rave too :) Love it!

  4. I did! I need to be more daring with my color choices..they had a baby blue I thought be fun to try! I'm so excited that Target is selling it! I've only been able to find it at salons.