Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love unexpected surprises that brighten my day....

because it's been a pretty crappy week. It started off with a of epic proportions. Mr. Allan left for a business trip..this one was a little different..a little longer, a little less communication..and I, well, I had a crying so hard I had my ugly face on, snot running down my face, sobbing I could hardly breathe or speak meltdown...and that was at the airport at 4:30a.m. when I dropped him two subsequent phone calls were probably worse...but Mr. Allan didn't get to see the ugly cry face...ughh..mine is pretty bad..I turn bright red, scrunch up the forehead and have an unending amount of snot dripping down my face. Do I normally have meltdowns when Mr. Allan, I'm pretty used to it by now, but his travel schedule has been insane. I think having such a wonderful cell phone, tv, and laptop free Mexican vacation and then having him home for a whole week after that made this time worse and I just didn't want him to leave (insert your awwww here). And..I know my mom is reading this saying why is she telling people he's away...don't worry mom, neighborhood watch is in effect and they all now if weird spotlights come on in the middle of the night or vehicles other than ours show up to call the other neighbors. Plus, we have nothing good to steal. Our tv still had a tube and back to it...

Today was better than yesterday and better than the day before that. The cats are starting to act all crazy and wild thinking I have Mr. Allan hogtied in the trunk of my car. I know I sound like a crazy cat lady but they act so differently when he's gone. Our big boy runs around looking for him. His new thing is to run into the garage when I get home and search for his pops...then he realizes it's dinner time and will come inside. He stands in the hallway meowing at night, or will run to the front door and scratch at it like Mr. Allan's hiding behind it. Yes, again...I = crazy cat lady when I tell stories like this.

Today, however, got a lot better. I did my normal routine get ready, leave home, defend juvenile delinquents in court all morning. Court ran late, I came back to the office after walking in the pouring rain to find a little treat from the m.i.a. Mr. Allan...even when he's in far off places he can still take care of me.

So..I guess the moral of the story is the have a meltdown when things go wrong?? Maybe...but Mr. Allan's just a sweet kind of guy. I hope when he comes back and sees that the only thing that got me through this time away from him was a heavy dose of retail therapy that he'll still be that sweet.

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  1. Awww! Yeah, my ugly face is the worst! LOL! I think it scares The Man a little. Ha! ; - )

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