Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to reality....

the vacation is o-v-e-r. was absolutely fabulous. It came at a perfect time, and it felt so good to get away from this gross, cold, snowy weather!

The best thing about my vacation...un-interrupted, no cell phone, no television, no computer, time with my husband. I thought I might miss my Facebook checks on the phone, text messaging etc, but I didn't miss it one bit and I wish me made a conscious effort to do it more often.

We left on Sunday in the snow and ice that hampered our departure and spent a week at the Secrets Resort at Maroma Beach. We picked this resort because it was 21 and older. I might sound like a child-less wench, but I was all set dealing with other people's kids on vacation..especially when beaches and pools are involved. There's nothing worse than floating in an infinity pool and have little Johnny cannonball in the pool. We also did a little research and Secrets has a reputation for being a little higher end. We've never done an all inclusive resort and our fear was wearing a wristband drinking watered down drinks with cheap liquor by the pool. I'm glad to say, it met and exceeded our expectations.

Here are a couple pics from our stay....

the resort....

one of the pools...

The view from the infinity pool

Maroma Beach

yours truly paddling on a float in the pool

a stroll on the beach

Sunrise in Mexico...Mr. Allan gets credit for this...I couldn't haul my butt out of bed at that ungodly hour

This was our primary activity....sitting by the pool, with Mr. Allan (nice self portrait by the way), and my kindle

So...come today, it's back to work, back to the daily grind. Here's hoping people really listened to the voicemail message on my work phone and heeded the warning I was out of the office.

Funny things that we saw and did in Mexico...well, we didn't do a lot..that was the plan. Typically we like vacations where we're on the go, doing things, having our own adventures, exploring, hiking etc. We planned this one with the idea of just relaxing in mind. We didn't want to be out and about and running around.

But...some of the tourists we were with gave us some are some highlights

Mr. Allan said this little joke about a million times. At our resort in Mexico, there were 7 different being a Mexican restaurant called El Patio...where Mr. Allan would kindly ask me if I knew that El Patio meant the patio in Spanish. Yes, I got it. One thing I thought was funny...the Mexican restaurant at the resort in Mexico stunk. It was our least favorite one...kind of think they'd have that food down pat.

Coozies and 7-11 extra large coffee mugs...I didn't realize either should be on my packing list for the all inclusive resort...the coozies I could kind of get it...but the coffee mugs for your drinks?

Put chapstick with sunblock on. We didn't burn too bad...but my lips were a day I looked like I had some injectable work done.

We were quite surprised to meet at least 3 people from the good ole USA who asked us where we were from. When we replied "Rhode Island" they asked us where that was. Another couple asked us if it was in North America. Seriously people....

Overall...a fantastic time. Every time we plan a trip, Mr. Allan and I always look at each other and say, why don't we do this more often? So, hopefully another little getaway is in the works!

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