Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reader Question...

I don't get a ton of questions...some I answer in comments but this was an email I received!


I love that you really seem to live a healthy lifestyle yet still find the time to bake all the delicious treats and cookies you post pictures of. How do you manage to keep up with the baking (since it's probably not the healthiest snack) and avoid going overboard and eating everything you make?


well...I must admit...baking is my weakness. I love to bake..especially from there even any other way to do it? But, it is a huge challenge for a couple reasons. First, anything I bake is not remotely healthy..I usually post a disclaimer in any type of baked good post! Secondly, there's only myself and Mr. Allan at home. So, if I bake, we run into the trap of having the goods in the house tempting and luring us to eat them. I have a couple rules when I bake.

1) I typically solely bake on Sundays unless I'm making something for someone and need to get it to them for a certain date (like a cookie order) or if I'm baking something for a specific occasion. Why Sunday? Mostly because the next day is Monday. In order to not have baked goods in my house, because let's face it, if it's sitting on the counter, I'm going to eat it...I bake them on Sunday and bring them right to work on Monday for my work peeps. This way, Mr. Allan gets to taste one of two and then they're out of the house where we won't eat them.

2) When I bake, I usually chew gum. This is so I don't lick bowls, beaters and what not. If I have gum in my mouth, it keeps my mouth busy so I won't resort to eating a crapload of batter, chocolate chips, or whatever else work. If I don't have gum, a hard candy or even some baby carrots..anything to keep me busy and my mouth actively doing something else besides tasting!

3) I usually always allow myself to eat one of whatever I'm making. If I completely deprived myself 100% of the time, Mr. Allan would probably catch me hiding in the closet eating a whole bag of chocolate chips or a tub of frosting to get my sweet fix on. I LOVE sweets...they're my weakness but they're probably the worst kind of junk food you can eat. They're primarily made of processed things and chock full of calories and fat. So, an occasional treat is okay...but I usually bake, taste, then unload to a different location because I have no self control when it comes to them!

Thanks A for the question!

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